Training & Recertification

Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program

Current Version- 7.0.2 Released September 2016

Note: PACP Certification is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance.

PACP Recertification

Note: The online recertification program has been suspended until the version 7.0 materials are available. We expect the new version to be available in Summer 2016.

PACP Users will receive a 6 month, 3 month and 1 month notification of expiration by email. Please contact NASSCO, by email at Dawn Jaworski, as soon as possible with a current email address.

Certified Data Collection and Asset Management Software

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PACP Preview (3 of 3)

General Information

NASSCO PACP - Introduction/Course Content

PACP/MACP/LACP/Recertification Suggested Training Fees

Color Coded Code Chart - 7.0.2


Continuing Education Units Application

PACP Code of Ethics

NAAPI-PACP: Frequently Asked Questions

Manual Technical Bulletins

7.0 Manual Technical Bulletins

There are currently no Manual Technical Bulletins for 7.0.

6.0 Manual Technical Bulletins

Issue #1; 6/18/12: Proper Coding of a drop manhole connection.

Issue #2; REVISED 3/27/13: Header Field "Surveyed By" requirements.

Issue #3; 7/8/13: Negative Entries in PACP Header Fields 15 and 19.

Issue #4; 7/8/13: Sample Calculations for Pipe Ratings in Appendix D.

Issue #5; 7/8/13: Appendix C and Code Modifications.

Issue #6; 7/18/13: Using the Joint Column in MACP Inspections.

Software Technical Bulletins

7.0 Software Technical Bulletins

There are currently no Software Technical Bulletins for 7.0.

6.0 Software Technical Bulletins

Issue #112; 7/15/14: PACP Data Entry v4.4 and v6.0

Issue #111; 9/25/12: MACP Field 36- Inspection Status

Issue #110; 10/27/11: Valid Length and Width Entries

Issue #109; 7/19/11: Video Path

Issue #108; 7/19/11: Use of code TFD

Issue #107; 10/19/10: Null vs Zero Values

Issue #106; 8/11/10: Grading

Issue #105; 7/7/10: Field Names

Issue #104; 6/21/10: General Observation- Remarks

Issue #103; 6/21/10: Water Level Footage Requirement

Issue #102; 6/11/10: Total Length vs. Length Surveyed

Issue #101; 6/11/2010: Other Surface Damage- Chemical- Remarks

Certified Users & Trainers

CSA Group, working with NASSCO, Inc. (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) , have created the Canadian Edition of the Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP®), available through certified trainers across Canada. The Canadian Edition includes the NASSCO PACP® manual and CSA’s plus 4012 Visual Sewer Pipe Inspection Technical Guide.

CERIU (Centre d’expertise et de recherches en infrastructures urbaines)

CERIU is the official Quebec NASSCO partner offering PACP and MACP certification and recertification in French. Contact us at 514-848-9885 or by Email.

PACP/MACP/LACP Database Validation