We value our highly professional and qualified trainers! We’d like you to meet them. The 2023 Trainer of the Year is Rod Thornhill with White Rock Consultants.

Congratulations to Rod Thornhill, NASSCO’s 2023 Trainer of the Year! Rod was integral in the development of PACP and continues to support program improvements and higher standards for both trainers and students. Please join us in thanking Rod for his many contributions to NASSCO and PACP.

Below are just a few things students are saying about Rod:

“Rod was helpful and has a lot of experience to draw from to answer questions that we had about the course”

“Rod is the best.  He knows his stuff!”

“Rod has a very good understanding of the subject matter and seems like a good person to model a pipeline assessment career  after.”

To learn more about Rod, click here.

Thank you again, Rod, for your continued excellence in training!