Select Society of Sanitary Sewer Sleuths

Recipients of NASSCO’s Select Society of Sanitary Sewer Sleuths Award have shared that out of all the industry recognition programs for trenchless technology professionals, the Sewer Sleuth Award is above and beyond the one for which they feel the most honor and pride.

Why? Because it is awarded unanimously by industry legends who won the Award in previous years, and carefully select honorees to represent excellence in sanitary sewer knowledge and practice. The Award is presented at NASSCO’s Annual Conference during the Awards Banquet and is not revealed to anyone outside of the prior Awardees until the night of the event. Awardees are presented with a Select Society of Sanitary Sewer Sleuths pin, which they are expected to wear at all industry events. We honored that these individuals have committed their time and talents to NASSCO over the years.

  • Al Colthorp
  • Norm Sirna
  • Greg Laszczynski
  • Trent Ralston