Injection grouting of the collection system eliminates I&I and restores sewer capacity. Used for sealing mainlines, laterals and manholes, it also works well in combination with other rehab methods to complete the holistic approach to sewer rehabilitation.

  • Applications

    Injection grouting is often used in mainlines, laterals, lateral connections and manholes to stop water infiltration and provide structure stabilization.

  • Safety

    Safety is important. The Unified Safe Operating Practice Program (USOPP) Grout Safety Certification is aimed at the protection on grouting projects of not just the industry’s field workers but also warehouse personnel, engineers, transporters, and inspectors.

    Do's and Don’t Grouting Safety Exam
  • History

    Grouting of the sewer system first occurred in the US in the early 1960s. Today, grouting continues to be used for infiltration control around the world.

    Timeline Forefathers Harold Kosova Award
  • Myths and Facts

    Learn more about the myths and facts about injection grouting.

  • About ICGC / How to Join

    NASSCO’s Grouting Committee, also known as ICGC, educates sewer engineers and owners about this unique and highly versatile process and promotes chemical grouting as a safe, economical and effective means to reduce groundwater infiltration into sewer collection systems.

    ICGC membership is open to NASSCO members in good standing.

    Benefits of NASSCO Membership and How to Join ICGC

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