Do's and Don’t

Do’s Don’ts
Wear Chemical resistant rubber boots when grouting Wear leather or other non-rubber footwear during chemical grouting operations
Store TEA, AP, and SP in separate Areas Store AP or SP near Acrylamide grout or TEA
Properly dispose of chemical containers in accordance to local or state guidelines Reuse chemical containers or drums for any other use
Maintain a clean work area both in the control room as well as in the rear of the truck Eat, drink, or smoke in a grout rig or around grout mix/materials
Clean respirators daily Share respirators or personal PPE.
Calculate the total weight of chemicals loaded onto a grout rig Transport chemicals when the aggregate gross weight is 1,001 lbs. and over without a proper placard
Wear a respirator when mixing chemicals Allow anyone inside the grout rig when mixing chemicals without the proper PPE