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    2020-21 sponsorship opportunities


    Benefits: Company logo and acknowledgment in videos. Tags on social media, website and other materials. Long shelf-life of educational videos ensure extended exposure.


    Learn how sewer grouting eliminates I&I and restores sewer capacity. Used for sealing mainlines, laterals and manholes, it also works well in combination with other rehab methods to complete the holistic approach to sewer rehabilitation.


    Learn about the many uses for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) including applications for spot or sectional repair, full length lining, and main to lateral connection seals. Understand the importance of material selection, installation methods and types of cure.

    Styrene Safety

    The Styrene Safety video will provide a focus on the attributes of styrene, installation practices and techniques, recent hazard assessments, and an overview of recent studies. The video will provide emphasis on styrene in the CIPP process as well as look at safety for the work site, employees and the public.

    Confined Space Entry

    Key attributes and unique factors of entering sanitary sewer manholes include: entry equipment setup and teardown, proper personnel required for safe entry, how various rehabilitation and maintenance equipment complicates entry, safely working while in the manhole, and exiting the manhole.

    Workforce Development

    The focus of this video is to raise awareness of the incredible career opportunities available in our industry and to gain momentum with SkillsUSA State Directors and students towards a nationwide curriculum to prepare students for a career in trenchless technologies.


    Benefits: Company logo and acknowledgment in promotional materials and within webinars. Tags on social media, website and other materials. Long shelf-life of educational webinars ensure extended exposure.

    NASSCO Pressure Pipe Committee

    The current market status of rehabilitation solutions for pressurized pipelines in water and wastewater applications will be detailed. Presenters will discuss product qualification and selection, design, construction considerations, verification testing and post-rehabilitation maintenance. Direction will be provided to source industry standards and guidelines to enable informative selection and application of these technologies.

    NASSCO Lateral Committee

    Presented by a team of industry leaders, this educational webinar on the topic of laterals will provide a comprehensive comparison of pros and cons related to ownership with regards to maintaining infrastructure integrity, including lessons learned and proven practices.

    Technical Advisory Council

    Join NASSCO’s Technical Advisory Council as they address questions about defining Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of gravity pipe assets, including the relationship to PACP™ and recommendations for prioritizing assets for inspection and renewal.


    Benefits: Company logo and acknowledgment on website, in trade publications, in digital and print brochures and more.

    Sewer History Exhibit

    Help educate the industry on the history of sewer construction and maintenance. The highly popular display and website chronicles the history of sanitary sewer systems throughout the world.


    Benefits: In addition to helping students enter the industry, enjoy recognition at NASSCO events, in trade magazine articles, on website and more.

    The Jack Doheny Memorial Training Scholarship

    Offers employees in municipal, utility or public agency sectors the opportunities
    to improve their skills by attending PACPTM or ITCPTM training courses.

    The Jeffrey D. Ralston Memorial Scholarship

    Available to currently enrolled college students who are a relative or dependent of an
    active member of NASSCO or has worked actively in the industry and is sponsored by an active NASSCO member.

    The David Magill Memorial Scholarship

    Available to students currently enrolled in Water and Waste Water Group at Virginia Tech
    who are focused on Trenchless Technology. The recipient is chosen each year by the University.

    SkillsUSA Scholarship

    A partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.
    SkillsUSA provides educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education in the nation’s classrooms.


    Benefits: Company logo and acknowledgment. Tags on invitations, social media, website and more.

    Help NASSCO continue to bring members together through virtual membership meetings, committee updates, and
    more as we continue to navigate COVID-19.


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