Trenchless Technology

The traditional way of repairing a deteriorated underground pipe is to dig a trench, pull up an old pipe and replace it with a new one. Thanks to trenchless – or “no dig” – technology, pipes can stay in place while they are inspected, maintained, and even replaced, minimizing significant disruption to sidewalks, parking lots, yards, and streets. The trenchless method is environmentally friendly since the old pipe is typically repurposed and does not need to be hauled off to a landfill. NASSCO member companies are innovators in technology, products and services that continually evolve to keep our underground infrastructure operating at full capacity while minimizing disruption and cost.

  • Assessment

    The first step in protecting our underground assets is to evaluate their conditions. NASSCO members offer high-tech cameras and other equipment, services, software, and methods to access buried infrastructure and identify any areas of potential failure before they become a problem.

  • Maintenance

    One of the most important steps to maintain the integrity of underground pipes is through proactive and regular maintenance. Unfortunately, since sewer and water pipes are out of sight and out of mind, this sometimes gets overlooked until failures occur.

  • Rehabilitation

    Trenchless technologies make it possible to repair or even replace an entire pipe without digging it up. NASSCO member companies have been at the forefront of this innovation through the development and application of pipe bursting, cured-in-place pipe, grouting, slip lining, spiral sound pipe, concrete and cementitious sprays, and more.

    Pipe Rehabilitation Manhole Rehabilitation
  • Grouting

    Sewer grouting was specifically engineered in the 1960s to eliminate infiltration at all points of entry – mainline joints, service laterals, service connections and manholes. Grout injected through joints and defects creates a positive seal and is the most cost-effective way to deliver pipe stabilization while eliminating the very processes that destroy pipe systems.

  • Emerging Technologies

    New advancements in trenchless technology such as Automated Defect Recognition (ADR), machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced processes, equipment and materials help trenchless applications become safer and more efficient, as well as to provide stronger, more flexible and durable solutions for repairing failing underground infrastructure.

    Emerging Technologies

Protecting Trenchless Technology