Manhole Grouting

Manholes are a significant contributor to infiltration into the collection system and often battle environmental influences—fluctuating groundwater table, hydrostatic pressures, PH factors, and H2S corrosion. Groundwater enters through vertical or horizontal cracks or holes in precast systems, and through numerous parts of brick-and-mortar manholes. The main application for manhole grouting is called curtain grouting –completely encapsulating the structure with grout. Curtain grouting is completed from within the manhole (confined space entry required) and allows you stop multiple leaks at the same time. The process begins by drilling a series of holes in a grid pattern through the manhole walls. Grout is then injected through the drill holes into the surrounding soil, encapsulating the structure, and creating a waterproof barrier. Visual indicators such as defects and material travel to neighboring drill holes are utilized to ensure material has created an impermeable barrier