Members of NASSCO’s Infiltration Control Grouting Committee (ICGC) and NASSCO’s Health and Safety Committee have released a new certified grouting safety program aimed at the protection on grouting projects of not just the industry’s field workers but also warehouse personnel, engineers, transporters, and inspectors – The Grouting Unified Safe Operating Practices Program – USOPP.

The USOPP looks to provide guidance during grouting operations on the proper Respirators and Cartridges, Protective Suits, Boots, Hand, and Eye Protection – and provides some general guidelines on the use and care of PPE. While these systems have been in place for many years, ICGC recognized that not everyone that handles products has been exposed to or trained to understand exactly what they stand for. Everyone should be responsible to take measures to properly protect themselves and others.

ICGC suggests that everyone involved in grouting operations acquire this certification including laborers, inspectors, transporters, and warehouse personnel. All grout distributors have agreed to incorporate the document into their own safety programs and to begin requiring companies to maintain current certification of their employees when purchasing grouting products like Avanti’s David Magill’s original SOPP program.

The USOPP course is a critical step to ensure the safe handling of chemical grout used in the rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. Successful completion of the USOPP Exam demonstrates that a student has a basic understanding of knowledge to help protect employees and the environment from potential hazards associated with the use of chemical grouts. The student will read and understand the USOPP Specification developed by the ICGC prior to taking the Exam. An 85% pass rate is required for successful completion and recognition of knowledge.