Harold Kosova Lifetime Achievement Award

“Known as the ‘Original Trenchless Technology’, the process of sealing a sewer system using a chemical grout has been developed and advanced by nameless people,” said John Manijak, ICGC Chairman.  “It is in the spirit of respect and acknowledgment that we, here today, begin to recognize and acknowledge those who came before us.  The efforts that they have put forth shall not be forgotten.”  So, The Harold Kosova Lifetime Achievement Award was born in 2022.

Harold Kosova has been instrumental to the grouting industry. He began his career in the sewer industry in March 1960. In 1962, Harold worked side by side in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas with Ken Guthrie (Penetryn Systems, now Cues) to develop the first combined grouting packer and CCTV system. This was the very first time that acrylamide grout was injected through open joints within a sewer system. He was President of Video Pipe Grouting, and later National Power Rodding, and became a NASSCO Standard Bearer in 2016.

Recipients of the Harold Kosova Lifetime Achievement Award: