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NASSCO Safety Panel

Moderator: Dennis Pivin, NASSCO
Panelists: Harry Miller, SAK Construction; Tad Powell, P.E., Hazen and Sawyer; Randy Belanger, Visu-Sewer

This special panel of safety professionals takes place in the theater during the new Midday Exhibit Hours -Join Us!

Confined Space Awareness and Hands-On Training – NASSCO Workshop

Speakers: Dennis Pivin, NASSCO; Tony Coco, Archview

Understand the top five elements needed to keep workers safe when entering confined spaces – permits, air monitoring, ventilation, harnesses, and retrieval equipment – including hands-on practice of the classroom skills in a mock confined space entry setup. Upon completion of this four-hour course, attendees will receive a confined space awareness certificate.

Safe Traffic Control & Work-Zone Safety for Construction Crews

Learn how to best protect workers and motorists, by understanding traffic-control devices – safety cones, barricades and signage – and how to set them up to promote the orderly movement of all travelers on roadways and safety of workers during construction. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) will serve as guidance.

NASSCO’s 2024 Annual Conference

2024 Charm City Exchange

NASSCO’s 2025 Annual Conference

WWETT24 Education Day!

Learn from NASSCO industry specialists at WWETT24 Education Day!

  • Drain Cleaning Cert Program
  • Trenchless Rehab Technology Review
  • Future of CIPP (Styrene Concerns)
  • BSDI Training Program
  • Large Diameter Sewer Cleaning and O&M Standards

WWETT SHOW 2024, General Session, Trade Associations in the Wastewater Industry

Safety Education at WWETT24: Sorting Out the Best Personal Protective Equipment for Your Sewer and Plumbing

This presentation will provide a general overview of personal protective equipment for the sewer and plumbing sectors. We will review various types of respiratory protection options and selections, hand protection, eye protection, and body protection. The session will also provide equipment samples and allow for audience questions.

1.  Possess a working knowledge of different PPE

2.  Explain how best to choose the proper equipment for a given project


Este seminario proporcionará una introducción a diversas tecnologías sin zanja que están disponibles para la rehabilitación de tuberías por gravedad.