We value our highly professional and qualified trainers! We’d like you to meet them.  This month’s featured trainer is Mike Kerr with Michael Kerr Consulting.

I started out my working career in the US Coast Guard as an Electronics Technician followed by many years of managing restaurants.  After a successful restaurant career, I found myself looking for work in 1994 when a friend of mine got me a position as a Laborer with a pipe cleaning and inspection company.  I worked my way up the ladder in the company and became their Health and Safety Director.  During this period of my career, I trained hundreds of people a year while still working in the field.

 In 2002, I took NASSOCO’s Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP®) and became a NASSCO certified PACP Trainer.  I continued to do safety training while also training PACP, since most of our customers needed both.   I decided to launch my own business, Michael Kerr Consulting, in 2010.  I retained most clients from my previous connections and traveled to do training and visit job sites around the U.S.  A few years later, I became a NASSCO PACP Master Trainer which was a wonderful way to help further the PACP program by working with other trainers. 

 With continued involvement in training PACP, NASSCO named me Training Director in 2019.  The role has been very rewarding.  I really enjoy helping other trainers develop their skills and I also take great pride in improving our training programs.   I look forward to many more years of service to NASSCO and the Industry!