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NASSCO’s Lateral Rehabilitation

NASSCO’s Lateral and Building Pipe Committee presents this brief video on the trenchless rehabilitation technologies available for laterals and in-building pipes.

Workforce Development

The focus of this video is to raise awareness of the incredible career opportunities available in our industry and to gain momentum with SkillsUSA State Directors and students towards a nationwide curriculum to prepare students for a career in trenchless technologies.

Government Relations

Cured-in-Place Pipe Technology

Learn about the many uses for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) including applications for spot or sectional repair, full length lining, and main to lateral connection seals. Understand the importance of material selection, installation methods and types of cure.

Grouting Technology

Learn how sewer grouting eliminates I&I and restores sewer capacity. Used for sealing mainlines, laterals and manholes, it also works well in combination with other rehab methods to complete the holistic approach to sewer rehabilitation.

Manhole Rehabilitation Video

Pipe Bursting Technology

Digging and replacing pipes costs time and money, not to mention it’s inconvenient.  Pipe Bursting is one way to replace failing pipes without digging it up – find out how it works!

Spiral Wound Technology

What’s That Odor?

NASSCO’s PACP™ Overview Video

This short video contains a high-level look at NASSCO’s PACP and includes reasons for and general approaches to closed circuit television inspection, why coding standardization is important, features and benefits of PACP, review of the coding families, coding examples and how system owners use datasets derived from PACP inspections.