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NASSCO’s Pipeline Assessment Certification Program

An introduction to NASSCO’s Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP®), a program designed for consistent assessment coding of underground infrastructure.

NASSCO’s Inspector Training Certification Program

An introduction to NASSCO’s Inspector Training Certification Program (ITCP®). Course covers proper inspection of technologies including CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe) and Manhole Rehabilitation.

Liquid Assets Documentary Trailer

Liquid Assets tells the story of essential infrastructure systems: water, wastewater, and stormwater. Out of sight, beneath our feet, these systems are in disrepair across the country. Fixing them may be the largest public works project in our history.

Intro to Sewer Cleaning with Jetting Equipment

An educational video, to accompany the “Jetter Code of Practice”, provides fundamental information about the safe and efficient use of sewer cleaning equipment

Pipe Plug Safety

Safety must be at the core of every standard.  This video focuses on the inherent danger associated with Pipe Plugs.

Styrene Safety – Coming Soon!

The Styrene Safety video will provide a focus on the attributes of styrene, installation practices and techniques, recent hazard assessments, and an overview of recent studies. The video will provide emphasis on styrene in the CIPP process as well as look at safety for the work site, employees and the public.

Confined Space Entry for Manholes – Coming Soon!

Key attributes and unique factors of entering sanitary sewer manholes include: entry equipment setup and teardown, proper personnel required for safe entry, how various rehabilitation and maintenance equipment complicates entry, safely working while in the manhole, and exiting the manhole.